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Upcoming Meetings

City Council Public Forum on Civil War and Reconstruction History Center

Following the presentation, residents who will be given an opportunity to address City Council. The format for the Public Forum for this special meeting will be the same as for regular City Council Meetings, with the exception of a few additional rules. 

The meeting will be aired live on FayTV, the City of Fayetteville’s Government Access Channel. FayTV is on Channel 7 of Spectrum Cable.

Rules of conduct and decorum for the Nov. 14th public forum in the City Council Chamber will include the following:

• Banners, flyers or other signs are not permitted within City Hall; distribution of flyers within City Hall is also not permitted. 

• Each speaker shall have up to 3 minutes to address Council on the topic of the NC Civil War History & Reconstruction Museum.  No time will be yielded to any speaker by another speaker. Comments must relate to the purpose of the public hearing. Speakers will address Council in the order in which their name appears on the sign-up sheet.

• Individuals desiring to speak at the public hearing must have signed up with the City Clerk, by name and address, before 6 p.m. on November 14.

• Anyone desiring to speak may sign up in advance in person with the City Clerk in the City Manager’s Office suite, City Hall, 433 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC;
o By fax at (910) 433 1948
o By email at
o Or immediately before the meeting by giving their name and address.

• If the number of speakers exceeds the allotted 3-hour time limit, speakers can submit written comments in one of two other ways, Comments will be accepted from 9 a.m. on Nov. 11 until midnight on Nov. 14.  
o Send comments to the City Clerk’s office at
o Download the City’s App and click on the museum icon, which will bring you to an input page where you can send us your comments.
o Please note, all written comments are considered a public record.

• Speakers will be courteous in their language and presentation and shall refrain from personal attacks. There will be no applause, clapping or other audible demonstration of agreement or disagreement with speakers. The Mayor or other designated presiding officer shall maintain order and decorum during the public forum. Any person who disturbs the peace at the meeting or engages in other conduct that is intended to incite violence or otherwise disrupt the meeting will be barred from further participation and removed from the forum.