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Resolving an Expired Permit

Permitting & Inspections Department


When a permit is issued, the permit includes a built-in expiration date pursuant to NC G.S. 160A-418. The information below explains how long permits last and the process on how they may be renewed.

First Method of Resolving an Expired Permit

Upon the receipt of an application, the address and/or contractor would be searched to verify no permits were expired. Before a new permit application will be accepted or approved, expired permits of the types listed below must be resolved:

  • Building Permit
  • Mechanical Permit
  • Electrical Permit
  • Plumbing Permit

Second Method of Resolving an Expired Permit

If the work is discontinued or not commenced related to a new scope of work within the same structure, it is strongly recommended that the expired work be re-permitted with the new permit application. You will need to indicate the intent to resolve the expired permit under the “project description” of the new application. (“discontinued or not commenced” is defined as an inspection for the permitted work.)

If it is unrelated to a new permit and/or separate inspection processes are desired, an Acknowledgement of Expired Permits Form will need to be submitted with your new application indicating that the expired permit(s) will be resolved separately from the new application.

Note: Permits expire on the 181st day after the date the permit is issued and the project has not received an inspection, or 365 days after the date of the last inspection of the project. A construction plan application for a permit will be deemed “Expired” after 90 days if a permit has not been issued, if all review has been completed and no response has been made by the applicant or their designer.

The Building Official may reactivate an expired permit in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Submittal of a Reactivation Application Form to the Building Official.

A reactivation fee: After 30 day grace period after the City’s initial mailing of the Permit Expiration letter, the reactivation fee will be – 50% for each building and/or trade permit that is expired more than 180 days. 75% if the permit has expired more than 365 days.

Extension Process

The Building Official may grant a one-time 30-day extension to an application. An extension must be requested before the application expires and must include justification in writing presented in person.

The only exceptions for the above mention time period are “extenuating circumstances,” which shall be reviewed by the Building Official. Examples would be:

  • Family death or illness that would affect the project;
  • Military deployment of an owner;
  • Project related contract or construction litigation; or
  • Roadwork that restricted access to the property.

Permit Status Terms

Expired Status: A permit shall be placed in the “Expired” status if no inspection has been performed within the first 180 days or if no inspection has occurred within 365 days of the last inspection.

Expired Non-Responsive Status: A permit shall be placed in this status when it has been expired for 365 days or more and there was no response from the applicant to the City's Permit Expiration Letter. This notification letter is sent out to the applicant/contractor/owner when the permit has expired.

Expired Permit Violation Status: When an applicant/owner/contractor does not contact the Inspections Division to renew a permit which has been placed in the “Expired Non-Responsive Status” an Inspector (Four-Trade Level I inspector) will again visit the site to check the formerly permitted work and leave a “Notice of Impending Violation” with the owner/tenant or mail a copy certified to the Cumberland County Assessor listed owner. If the owner still does not renew or respond to the notice, the permit shall be placed in the “Expired Permit Violation Status” after 10 days.

Closed Status: Permits that are not to be renewed or reissued shall be listed as Closed. If a permit is closed and the inspections have not been completed, a new permit with full permit fees shall be applied.