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Appearance Awards


10th Annual Community Appearance Awards Program 2018

The Commission needs your help in identifying properties in Cumberland County that are improving the appearance of our community. Please nominate a property for recognition.

After reviewing all properties that are nominated, the Commission will recognize the best properties at an awards ceremony to be held in August. 

Categories Used in 2018

Nominations are invited in the following award categories:

  1. Best Existing Single-Family Residential Property
  2. Best New Single-Family Residential Property
  3. Best Existing Multi-Family Residential Property
  4. Best New Multi-Family Residential Property
  5. Best Existing Non-Residential Property
  6. Best New Non-Residential Property
  7. Best Revitalization of a Residential Property
  8. Best Revitalization of a Non-Residential Property
  9. Best Housing Development or Neighborhood
  10. Best Residential Landscaping Project
  11. Best Non-Residential Landscaping Project
  12. Best Green Project
  13. Best Restoration of a Historical Residential Property
  14. Best Restoration of a Historical Non-Residential Property
  15. Best Neighborhood Entrance/Community Gateway