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UDO Administrative Manual


Purpose and Introduction

Construction_SmallThe Fayetteville Administrative Manual (this manual) is intended to assist in the day-to-day understanding, use and administration of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO).  The manual’s primary objective is to explain the review procedures for development applications in the UDO and the City Code of Ordinances. The manual also provides practical advice about complying with City development standards and review procedures. Finally, to ease the application process, this manual also provides information about City Council, City Boards and Commissions, and City staff (including contact information), as well as application forms and fee schedules. 

This manual is a supplement to the City’s development requirements, not a substitute.  Please consult the appropriate UDO provisions prior to and during the development review process.

Copies of the UDO and the City’s Code of Ordinances are on file for public inspection or purchase during business hours at the offices of the Planning and Zoning Division on the first floor of City Hall at 433 Hay Street in downtown Fayetteville.  These documents are also available for on-line viewing at

Citizens interested in learning more about the development review process, the UDO, or other planning-related topics should contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (910) 433-1612.

iStock_000045851250_SmallAbout the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

The UDO largely consists of zoning and subdivision regulations, along with development standards governing landscaping and tree protection, open space dedication, buffering requirements, the City sign code, and residential and commercial façade treatment standards.  Although the UDO does contain some technical design standards, such as parking lot design requirements, for the most part, technical design standards for buildings and site infrastructure are separately addressed in other documents that include the North Carolina State Building Code, the North Carolina State Fire Code, City technical standards relating to the design of streets and stormwater management facilities, and design standards of utility providers operating in the City, including the Fayetteville Public Works Commission.  Links to some of these technical standards are provided below.

City Technical Standards 

Building Permits:

Engineering - Standard Details for Drainage, Erosion Control, and Street Design:

Fire Prevention, Code Enforcement, Fire Inspections:

NC State Building Code:

Plans, Landscaping , Historic Resources and Tree Protection and more:

Utilities (PWC), Design Standards, Development Incentives, and more:

In addition to establishing zoning, subdivision, and development regulations, the UDO sets forth a variety of procedures for implementation or modification of these regulations, such as building permits, subdivision plats, site plans, zoning map amendments, etc.  This manual is intended to be a practical guide to how these procedures work. Consequently, a considerable amount of space in this manual is devoted to these individual procedures.