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Information Technology


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The Information Technology Department provides technical support for all City Departments within the City of Fayetteville. With more than 20 personnel, the Department provides cost-effective technology, products and services and, in turn, helps to improve other City Department's ability to serve citizens efficiently. In addition, the IT Department fosters the creation of dynamic partnerships among City departments. Some of the ways the IT Department accomplishes these goal is by:

  • Promoting and facilitating the effective integration of technology into the everyday business of City government through planning, programming, training and consulting
  • Developing and maintaining the enterprise infrastructure necessary to connect people with information resources
  • Providing leadership for effective strategic and tactical planning in the use of technology resources

The Information Technology Department has developed an IT Strategic Plan that provides guidance and direction on the use of existing and new technology in order to conduct city business. The IT Strategic Plan is available for download and viewing. 


Policy, Planning & Administration (PPA)

The Policy, Planning and Administration program partners with City departments in strategic planning.  Project management spans across multiple project types, manages project resource allocation and assesses project risk factors. The PPA maintains vendor relations, offers consultation on automation technology, facilities procurement of IT resources in accordance with the City and State Law, while providing general management and resource management.

The Business Intelligence, Innovation and Solutions program (BIIS) encompasses GIS, Web

The Business Intelligence, Innovation and Solutions programs manages database and application development and support personnel. The members of this program develop and implement department and enterprise level business software solutions. In addition, BIIS provides application maintenance/support to existing software systems and maintains database environments as well as general application, administration, maintenance, security, data integrity, data backup and data recovery. They assist in business intelligence data gathering, compilation and reporting. This group also develops and maintains productive vendor and agency relationships.

The City of Fayetteville Geographic Information Services (GIS) staff manages the Enterprise GIS program and provides mapping and analysis services for City staff and the citizens of Fayetteville. A GIS lets the City visualize, question, analyze, and interpret geographic data to better understand relationships, patterns, and trends in the City. GIS benefits the City of Fayetteville in several important ways. The main benefits of the use of GIS are cost savings from greater efficiency, better decision making, improved communication and better record keeping.

Network, Infrastructure & Workplace Management (NIWPM)

The Network Infrastructure and Work Place Management (NIWPM) team consist of the Chief Technology Officer, Network Services team and the Client Services team.  Together we support all networked workstations, including hardware, operating systems, telecommunications, mobile network connectivity, public/private wireless access, network infrastructure and core physical and virtual server/desktop environments.  Our Client Services team provides hardware and software support for our end user community by managing application access, providing workstation imaging and enterprise virus detection solutions across our environment. The NIWPM team’s primary function is to create a secure, reliable computing environment to support current and future city and public safety computing services.

City of Fayetteville / Time Warner Cable Free Wifi

The City of Fayetteville in partnership with Time Warner Cable welcomes you to enjoy 60 minutes of complimentary Wi-Fi during your visit today! 

Please be advised: This free wireless service does not provide content filtering and is owned and operated by Time Warner Cable.

If you continue to use this service you agree the City of Fayetteville will not be held liable for any data transmission that may be harmful to you or any persons around you or your computer system. The City of Fayetteville is not responsible for any loss of data due to the use of this network. Any use of this connection for malicious, fraudulent, misrepresentative, or otherwise illegal purposes is prohibited. By continuing to use this connection in any fashion you have acknowledged and have agreed to this policy.

Public Computer and Internet Usage

City of Fayetteville Public Computer and Internet Policy and Procedures

The City of Fayetteville endeavors to meet the needs of the community at all age levels by creating a balanced and representative computer and internet access. Computer and internet access enables the City of Fayetteville to provide information and training as a public service. The internet is however an unregulated medium and there is little control over its users or content. While it offers a wealth of information it also enables access to some material that may be offensive or disturbing to some. The City of Fayetteville has attempted to remove access to offensive material but cannot guarantee content nor accessibility of every website on the Internet. The City of Fayetteville expects users to be sensitive to responsible use of this technology in a public place.

By choosing to use this free service, you agree to abide by the City of Fayetteville Public Computer and Internet Policy. Failure to follow policies and procedures will result in the loss of wireless or computer privileges.

Access Policy

  • The City of Fayetteville will provide semi-filtered internet access to all people. The City of Fayetteville is not responsible for the content or the quality of information accessed on the internet. Parents, legal guardians or caregivers are responsible for monitoring internet sites and information accessed by their children or charges.
  • Internet information sources are not always accurate, complete or current. The City of Fayetteville does not take responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness or appropriateness of information accessed on the internet.
  • Downloading software to computer hard drives on the public access computers is prohibited.
  • The City of Fayetteville Internet may not be used:
  • For illegal activity, to access illegal materials, or to access obscene material.
  • To access materials which violate any United States federal, state, or local law.
  • To access materials which violate any United States federal, state, or local law.
  • To access defamatory or discriminatory materials.
  • To display overt sexual images.
  • To send fraudulent, harassing or obscene email messages.
  • For activities that present health or security risks.
  • For assuming the identity of another person.
  • To seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, data or passwords that belong to others.
  • To compromise the safety and security of minors when using email, chat rooms or other forms of communication.

Physical Access

  • Users must have basic computer knowledge such as mouse and keyboard skills. The City of Fayetteville staff may assist patrons with internet use as time permits, but are unable to offer personal instruction. Information on internet use may be offered by the City of Fayetteville from time to time.
  • Public access computers can be booked in advance or may be used on a first come first served basis. Time limitations may vary per location.

Wireless Access at Some Sites 

Free wireless Internet access is available at some sites. The wireless network is compatible with 802.11b or 802.11g standard and uses WPA encryption. However, when using any wireless connection it is possible that information sent to and from your notebook/laptop computer or other wireless device may be captured by a third party with their own wireless devices and software unbeknownst City of Fayetteville staff. The City of Fayetteville assumes no responsibility for the actions of third parties that may attempt to do this.

If you are not sure if your notebook/laptop computer or other device has wireless functionality, please check with the manufacturer or supplier of your equipment. The City of Fayetteville assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment or for notebook/laptop computer or other wireless device configurations, security, or data files resulting from a wireless internet connection at the City of Fayetteville.

Resource Centers Wireless Connectivity at Some Sites 

An encrypted access key must be obtained from City of Fayetteville staff to access the Resource Center(s) wireless network used for training and various classes. An encrypted key is a series of letters and numbers that you must enter when prompted to do so in order to make the initial connection to the City of Fayetteville’s wireless service. Encrypted keys are changed on a regular basis to maintain an adequate level of security.

The City of Fayetteville has tried to make wireless access as available as possible in these locations, but you may encounter some "dead" spots where wireless reception may be limited. No guarantee can be made that you will be able to make a wireless connection. If you have trouble accessing the Internet or staying online please move to a different location within the location. The City of Fayetteville staff is not able to provide technical assistance.

Internet Access 

The City of Fayetteville supports access to electronic information, to serve the needs of the community. As this information is subject to change, the City of Fayetteville is not responsible for the content and neither endorses or verifies its accuracy. The internet provides many resources for different age level and reflects various points of view. Patrons should be aware that the information might not be accurate, complete, or age-appropriate content.



Dwayne Campbell, Chief Information Officer


Dwayne Campbell is the Chief Information Officer for the City of Fayetteville, NC. He has over 26 years of experience in the area of strategic planning, IT governance, managed services, project management, system analysis and design, business process engineering, training, and change management. He has managed projects for companies and organizations such as Microsoft, Broadway & Seymour, Bank of America, PNC Bank, and Mecklenburg County. He is also a former adjunct professor at Central Piedmont Community College and the University of Phoenix. 

Dwayne is a technology specialist in the establishment of criminal justice information systems and is a past Board of Director’s chair for Justice Information Sharing Professionals (JISP). He currently serves on Fayetteville State University School of Business and Economics Advisory Board. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from UNC-Greensboro and a Masters of Business Administration from Pfeiffer University. Dwayne has a Six Sigma Green Belt and COBIT 5 IT Governance certification as well as a North Carolina Chief Information Officer certification from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government.

Campbell, DwayneChief Information OfficerInformation Technology(910) 433-1991
Johnson, WillieAssistant Chief Information Officer Information Technology(910) 433-1719
Bowens, DerrickInfrastructure Technology Solutions OfficerInformation Technology(910) 433-1945
Wesley, JohnBusiness Intelligence ManagerInformation Technology(910) 433-1078