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Construction Management


Construction Management Division
(Infrastructures: roads, streets, sidewalks, bridges, etc.)

Engineer2Jeffrey Riddle, Construction Manager (910) 433-1661

Core Services

  1. Administer and monitor City construction contracts
    1. Review plans
    2. Inspections of projects for compliance with contract requirements
    3. Determine percentage of completion for invoicing
    4. Prepare construction estimates
    5. Prepare and review plans and specifications
  2. Ensure site compliance for commercial and residential sites (Driveway permits, Permits, Parking lots, Drainage, etc.)
    1. Review plans
    2. Site Inspections
  3. Surveying Services
    1. Construction staking, Property surveys, Drainage stakeout
  4. Respond to concerns from citizens for corrective action
  5. Review plans and inspections derived from excavation permits issued for work on the right-of-way. Examples: Excavation in right-of-way by PWC, Cable, Phone, cutting, asphalt, curbing, landscape replacement, and drainage connections.
  6. Inspection of annexation areas within city right of way.
  7. Support other city divisions: Street Maintenance, Traffic Services, Parks, Stormwater, Engineering as well as other city departments.